Cost estimates (quotes) and proposals

CreateCo may submit project proposals and quotes to you based on your requirements supplied. Specifications proposed and development costs quoted are based on our interpretation of the details supplied by you. These costs are subject to change once the final requirements of the project are known or if the initial requirements supplied at the time of quoting were to change.


100% upfront payment is required of the total cost of the project. CreateCo will not schedule or start any work on your project until the necessary upfront payments are received. Accepting a quote provided by CreateCo does not mean we will start your project immediately. When you accept a quote you will receive an invoice immediately for the upfront payment. Please pay as soon as possible to avoid delays.

CreateCo will not be responsible for your project delivery delays due to delays in paying your invoice.

All invoices supplied by CreateCo are due in 14 days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise stated on the invoice.

Copyright of designed material

All artwork produced by CreateCo on behalf for you will remain as the property of CreateCo until the complete payment for the project has been received. You are not to use any design material, concepts, artwork given to you during project or recreate these artwork and concepts until the full amount owing for the project has been paid.

Final files such as print stationery, logo and corporate identity artwork, design files, high resolution artwork, etc will not be released until the final payment has been received.

Colour variations of printed products

There may be colour variations from what you have seen on screen, to the printed copy. This is the nature of CMYK printing (as opposed to RGB, which is what you see on your screen). If you print a proof on your own printer, keep in mind that depending upon the manufacturer of printing equipments, colours may vary slightly due to different ink used. CreateCo’s print suppliers use CMYK colour printing and they are committed to providing the highest quality products at the best prices possible.

Various conditions affect colours printed by the CMYK Processes. Colours may vary from day to day, press to press, board to board and back to front, varnishes and laminates may also affect colour output. For this reason CreateCo will not be held responsible for any reprint as a result of colour fluctuations and variations. We cannot be held responsible for colour variations, as it is beyond our control and we will not reprint at our expense as a result of such variations.

Stocks may also change from print run to print run. This is due to supply of raw materials used in production.

Design proof and acceptance

We will endeavour to spot any obvious errors on your artwork, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to accept the final proof. You are to read and double check all content on the proof we supply for your approval. We will not be responsible for missed or incorrect information or any other content and design errors after accepting the proof.