About us

Why use CreateCo?

At CreateCo we believe branding should do more than reflect a business’ personality. Effective branding can give a company a focal point, a direction, a singular unified vision, and help define not only what a company does, but most importantly, what it can be.

With over 15 years experience, we offer a wide range of options to get your company noticed, from traditional strategies to the endless possibilities of social media and the web. Let us customise a solution to help get your company’s brand ‘out there’, and people engaged with it.

It’s the stories we tell

Why is branding important? Because people often choose products based on their perceived value rather their actual value.

Think about the celebrity who drives an Aston Martin instead of say, a Skoda, which is continually ranked ‘car of the year’ in many European countries and delivers much better mileage at a significantly cheaper price. Sure, Skoda is the logical choice, but it’s Aston Martin’s identity, which conjures images of luxury and status, that usually clinches the sale.

With the right branding, business can increase their product’s perceived value, establish relationships with their customers that span ages and borders, and nurture those relationships into a lifelong bond.

A logoless company is a faceless man

For thousands of years, humans have needed and desired social identification. Think of the farmer who brands his cattle to mark his ownership, or the stonemason who proudly chisels his trademark.

When you close your eyes and picture McDonald’s, what do you see? Golden arches perhaps? For those products and services that have a strong brand identity, it’s the identity that people often think of first, rather than the product itself. Think of Microsoft, Apple, Ford and Target. Chances are good without even showing you the logos, you’d have a fairly good picture of how they look. It’s important to ‘put on your best face’.